Employee Management

Tips for performance appraisal, providing employee feedback, retaining your top employees, setting goals for employees, delegating, outsourcing, and more.

Bonuses: How To Be Fair

Bonus can be a great employee motivation tool, when planned and administered properly. Educate yourself about how to properly reward employees.

Creating an Effective Job Description

Creating a good job description before you begin the hiring process can help you choose the best candidate from a pool of applicants. Follow these tips.

Discipline Documentation Form

When you need to take a disciplinary action against an employee, it is best to keep track of the incident and disciplinary actions taken. View a sample form.

Employee Timesheets

Find attached employee timesheet templates for daily, weekly and monthly time records, designed for all employees to keep track of hours worked by your staff.

Five Tips to Retain Your Best Employees

Developing an effective employee retention strategy is vital to continued sustainability of your company. Read this article to learn how to retain employees.

Getting Your Team in Place

Get your team ready for business growth. Your growth plan should incorporate reviews of the business plan, delegation of authority, training and other tools.

Give Constructive Feedback

Some employers find it difficult to provide job performance feedback. Find practical tips here to prepare and manage the conversation effectively.


Find tools and tips to help you as you manage your growth day to day challenges and opportunities.

Managing Employees

In this session you will learn about employee management nuances, ranging from how to write job descriptions to legal considerations.

Preventing Employee Fraud

Embezzlement and other types of financial fraud can happen in any company. Learn about precautions and controls you can undertake to prevent employee fraud.

Projected Staff Scheduling

This worksheet will enable you to compute the number of employees you will need to start your business and make arrangements for a weekly time period.

Receiving Feedback from Employees

Employee morale problems can be the result of many workplace problems. Use the script attached to conduct job satisfaction reviews with your employees.

Sample Emergency Instructions

As a manager, are you prepared to deal with an emergency situation at the workplace? Do you have an emergency plan? Get help with emergency procedures here.

Sample Employee Leave & Time-Off Policy

Create an employee leave and time-off policy to regulate vacation leaves, sick leaves, family day leaves, etc. The attached file contains sample policies.

Sample Health and Safety Policy

Having written safety standards for employees ensures workplace safety. Create a formal safety policy for your company using the sample attached.

Sample Job Description Form

Attached is a sample job description form. The three examples may serve as a starting point for creating a position description of your own.

Sample Work Rules

To create a good work atmosphere, a business owner must have well-defined rules of conduct for employees. Use these sample work rules for your company’s needs.

Set Goals for Your Employees

Setting goals for your employees is an essential part of effective human resources management. This article offers tips on how to set goals for employees.